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FAQ - About LiveJournal

  • How did LiveJournal get started? Who runs it now?

    LiveJournal.com is a global online community built around personal journaling, created by computer science major Brad Fitzpatrick back in March 1999. Brad Fitzpatrick transformed a database-driven method he'd been using to update his own journal since 1998 into a Web-based application that his friends could also use. LiveJournal was an immediate success and soon became a bigger website than a single person could easily handle.
  • What is LiveJournal?

    LiveJournal is an online journal service with an emphasis on user interaction. A basic, fully-functional account is free, while Paid accounts receive access to premium features. Why not create an account today?
  • How can I help?

    Throughout LiveJournal's history, ordinary users have worked together on various projects to support the greater LiveJournal community. LiveJournal provides a number of ways for you to contribute your skills and talents. You can support the site by sharing your opinions in news and lj_feedback, joining one of LiveJournal's volunteer teams, or by purchasing a Paid Account or other gift shop items.
  • What are the official LiveJournal communities?

    LiveJournal staff and volunteers use many official journals and communities to:
    • improve the site and help users
    • announce important events, features, and site changes
    • improve the site's documentation and text
    Some of these communities have open membership so anyone can join and post entries. Others are communities with closed membership so only staff or senior volunteers can join and post entries; you may still add them to your Friends list so you can see new entries on your Friends page.
  • How do I suggest new features or improvements for LiveJournal?

    If you have an idea for LiveJournal, you should submit it at the Suggestions page. Before you submit your idea, you should read through the suggestions community and use community tags to check for similar ideas. You can also give your feedback about the site.

    You can go to the Support Center if you would like to report a bug or if you have a question about an existing feature.
  • Where do I go for help using LiveJournal?

    Technical support is available to anyone who has a question about LiveJournal or is having a problem using the service. On our main support page, you can see a list of known issues which are most commonly reported, search for FAQs, view the support board where you can see requests posted by other users, or create a support request of your own.

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