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Frequently Asked Question #68. How do I embed my LiveJournal into my website?

This howto tutorial provides information on embedding your journal into your website.
Most methods of embedding your journal require that you know your style's identification number:
  • S1: Your S1 style's identification number (styleid) can be found at the Edit Styles page. The styleid is the number that appears in parentheses with the style's view type and name in the Pick a style: box.

  • S2: Your S2 style's identification number (s2id) can be found at the Your Styles page. The s2id number is the number that appears in parentheses next to the style's name.


All users are able to embed LiveJournals into another website, using the same style as their LiveJournals. However, Paid and Permanent Accounts have more options and customization flexibility, so the journal can fit seamlessly into the website. Specifically, Paid and Permanent users can set a different system style or create a custom style for the embedded journal.


Only two methods (HTML Frames and JavaScript) support protected entries and entries or journals marked as inappropriate for minors in embedded journals. If you only want to display public entries that are appropriate for all ages in your embedded journal, you can use any of the embedding methods.

Last Updated: March 19th, 2012

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