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Frequently Asked Question #46. How many userpics can I have? How do I get more?

The number of userpics you have depends on your account level:
  • Early Adopter & Basic Account: 6 userpics
  • Plus Account: 15 userpics
  • Paid Account: 30 userpics (plus any Loyalty Userpics)
  • Permanent Account: 208 userpics (includes maximum number of Loyalty Userpics)

Userpic Add-Ons

All users can purchase add-on userpic space. Paid and Permanent users can purchase up to 210 additional userpics. Basic and Plus users can purchase up to 15 additional userpics.
Once purchased, your Account Status page will show the expiration dates for your add-on userpic space. If you'd like to split the userpic add-on time you've already purchased among a different number of packages, you can do that using the Userpic Package Resizing Tool.

Add-on userpic space comes in three sets of 5 or 70 additional userpic spaces. Basic and Plus users can purchase (or get as a gift) up to three sets of 5 additional userpic spaces. Paid and Permanent users can purchase (or get as a gift) up to three sets of 70 additional userpic spaces.

Basic or Plus users who purchase one or more userpic add-ons, then upgrade to a Paid account, will have 30 userpic spaces available, plus the number of add-on spaces the account had prior to upgrading, plus any Loyalty userpics received.

If your add-on userpic space expires, some of your userpics will be marked as inactive and the add-on expiration date will not show.

If your Paid Account expires before your larger Paid Account userpic add-on, the left over time will be saved. This time will not elapse while you don’t have a Paid Account. It will be credited back when your Paid Account is renewed.

Loyalty Userpics

Loyalty Userpics are extra userpics given to paid users as a reward for their paid account history with the site. You receive an additional userpic for each of the following:
  • For every 3 months of paid time applied to your account (this does not have to be continuous paid time - for example, you can purchase 2 months of paid time, let your paid time expire then purchase another 2 months at a later date and you will still receive a Loyalty Userpic with the second purchase).
  • For every continuous 12 months of paid time applied to your account (no matter in how many purchases or how much paid time each purchase was for).
  • For every three months of paid time you had before March 15, 2006, as long as you had a Paid Account on March 15, 2006 or renewed your Paid Account before April 14, 2006.

These additional userpics are added to your account at the time your payment is made. You can see how many Loyalty Userpics you have received on Your Payment History page. If your Paid Account expires, your Loyalty Userpics will be marked as inactive. When you renew your account, you will have the same amount of Loyalty Userpics as you had before, along with any additional userpics you earn from your purchase.

Last Updated: September 17th, 2012

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