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Frequently Asked Question #377. Where can I find the latest entries posted to LiveJournal?

You can read the latest public entries posted by other LiveJournal users, in both their journals and in communities, on the Latest entries page.

What entries are included on the Latest entries page?

The Latest entries page displays public entries from all users of LiveJournal, excluding reposts, Twitter daily digests, and entries posted by users whose social capital rating is less than ten or who have opted-out of including their entries on the Latest entries page.
By default the page will load the 50 most recent entries, but when you scroll to the bottom of the page earlier entries will automatically be loaded. You can force the page to load the newest entries by clicking the "Update" button that displays on the right side of the page. The page will be refreshed and you will be returned to the top of the page.

Real-time view (Aqua)

You can also view latest entries in real time. Visit LiveJournal Aqua and you'll see the subject lines of the most recent entries scroll by on the page. Hover over a subject line to pause it and be shown a preview of the entry, which you can click to be taken to the entry.

Removing your entries from the Latest entries page

You can opt-out of having your entries displayed on the Latest entries page by using the following commands in the Admin Console:

  • To opt-out: set latest_optout yes
  • To opt-in: set latest_optout no
To set this for a community, enter set for <communityname> latest_optout yes or set for <communityname> latest_optout no, as appropriate.

Last Updated: January 25th, 2013

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