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Frequently Asked Question #375. How do I customize the ratings on the LiveJournal homepage?

You can customize the Popular Entries section of the LiveJournal homepage by either marking a particular entry as read, or by blacklisting an entire community and hiding all entries from that community. The homepage defaults to showing you your personalized ratings, but you can view the full and unedited version of the ratings by selecting Full at the top of the section. You can customize the Popular entries rating sorted by visitors. The one sorted by page views can't be customized.

On the homepage

Popular entries management buttons While on the homepage you can hover your cursor over a particular entry in the Popular Entries section to see your available options. If you choose "Mark as read" the entry will be hidden from the ratings and all entries below it will move up one place. You can also choose "Hide from rating" which will bring up a confirmation box. Choosing "Yes" will place that particular community on a blacklist, hiding all future entries in that community from your personalized ratings.

Manage ratings page

You can also manage your personal blacklist from the Manage Ratings page. On that page you can add a community to your blacklist manually or you can remove a community from your blacklist.

Last Updated: October 24th, 2012

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