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Frequently Asked Question #340. What is LJ-Like? How do I use it?

LJ-Like is a feature which allows users to share their support of an author's entry in various ways. By inserting the <lj-like> tag into an entry, an author enables services that a reader can use to show their appreciation of the work. LJ-Like currently supports five services: Facebook (Like), Google (+1), LJ Give (10 LJ Tokens), Twitter (Tweet), and Vkontakte (Like). With the exception of LJ Give, clicking the button of an LJ-Like service in the entry will share that entry to the social media platform selected by the user. LJ Give works differently. Each time a LiveJournal user clicks the LJ Give button, 10 tokens are transferred from the user to the author of the entry in which the button appears.

Placing the <lj-like> tag into an entry without setting any parameters will display all available service buttons. If you prefer, you can specify the inclusion and display order of the LJ-Like services by using the 'buttons' parameter. For example:

LJ-Like feature with no parameters
image for demonstration purposes only

LJ-Like feature with the LJ Give (10 LJ Tokens) service enabled
<lj-like buttons="livejournal"> or <lj-like buttons="lj">
image for demonstration purposes only

LJ-Like feature with the Facebook 'Like' and Google '+1' services enabled
<lj-like buttons="facebook, google"> or <lj-like buttons="fb, go">
image for demonstration purposes only

Each of the services can be referenced with one of two parameter values:
Facebook: facebook or fb
Vkontakte: vkontakte or vk
Twitter: twitter or tw
Google: google or go
LJ Give: livejournal or lj

Please note: When posting an entry, the LJ-Like tag (<lj-like>) will only function properly when coded using the HTML tab of the entry creation page. Placing the LJ-Like tag via the Rich Text editor tab will result in unpredictable layout and feature functionality.

Last Updated: August 3rd, 2011

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