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Frequently Asked Question #336. How can I try a Paid account for free?

All free accounts are eligible for a two-week trial Paid account. This trial allows you to have free access to some of the most popular Paid account features, including 30 userpic spaces, access to premium journal styles, access to statistics about who is visiting your journal, and an ad-free journaling experience.
To activate your free Paid account trial:

  1. Go to the Account Settings page.

  2. On the Account Level line, click Change.

  3. Select the "Try out Free Paid account" radio button, then click the Change Account Level button.

Please note, once you have signed up for a free Paid account trial, it is not possible to disable it. You will have a free Paid account until the trial period ends. Each account receives only one free trial, and not all Paid account features are available to trial accounts.

Once your Paid account trial ends, your account's settings and journal style will revert to what they were prior to your trial, and your Paid account settings will be saved until you choose to upgrade your account.

Last Updated: October 7th, 2016

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