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Frequently Asked Question #322. What is LJTimes?

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LJTimes is the most complete selection of blogosphere news – it's a service covering a multimillion Cyrillic user base of LiveJournal which reflects its interests and the interests of the Russian internet in general. LJTimes is the excerpt of everything most informative on LiveJournal, allowing LiveJournal users to receive the most engaging information on the fly.

LJTimes is displayed on all pages of LiveJournal.com and is available for both registered and non-registered users. By default, LJTimes is displayed as a status bar at the bottom of the page containing a rotating set of interesting stuff to read, a fast link to entry creation and the counter of unread notifications. LJTimes can be expanded by pressing the tag and minimized by dragging the tab down. To go back from the minimized view to the status bar view, just drag the tag until the full status bar is displayed.


The expanded LJTimes view contains four sections where only public entries of LiveJournal users are displayed:

  • Main the topic of the day as well as posts from sections "Themes", "Travel", "Zh Zh Zh" and "Technology".

  • LIVE contains the most interesting postings of the blogosphere, selected by LiveJournal ambassadors (users who represent LiveJournal in deiiferent regions) based on their monitoring data.

  • LJ Images the most interesting photographic images in the Cyrillic segment of LiveJounral.

  • Popular entries selection of the most popular entries from the rating list sorted by the amount of visitors.


Notification counter in LJTimes lets you instantly receive notifications about events you have signed up for via "LJ Alerts" at the Account Settings page tab Notifications.
If you have unread notifications, clicking on Notification counter will display them 5 notifications at a time. A notification is deemed read after being displayed. Therefore, if you'd like to follow links from more than one notification, you should do that in a new browser window or tab.

Last Updated: November 30th, 2012

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