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Frequently Asked Question #313. What is a repost button? How do I add one to an entry?

A repost button allows other users to share all or part of your entries on LiveJournal. The new-style of repost button inserts your entry into another user's journal while the original-style button creates a new entry in the other user's journal using some or all of your original text.

You can add a repost button of either style to your entry with the HTML editor, or you can use the Rich Text Editor to add a new-style repost button.

New-style reposting

New-style reposting allows your readers to add your entry directly into their journal with a single click of their mouse. When you add a new-style repost button to your entry, it appears as a single button that says Repost followed by a counter that shows how many times that entry has been reposted. Clicking that counter brings up a list of all the users who have reposted the entry.

Entries that you have reposted to your journal list the original entry author and place a repost icon alongside the entry subject. To remove an entry that you have reposted to your journal you can either click on the Repost button again or click on the Delete repost link that appears instead of the Edit entry or Edit tags links.

Features of new-style reposting

  • Simplicity: Adding the button to your entry only takes a couple of button presses for you, or a short line of code, and reposting your entry only takes a single mouse click for your readers.

  • Single conversation: All comments to the reposted entry, and all statistics about readers of the reposted entry, belong to your original entry. Any changes you make to your entry will be reflected in the reposted entries. Your name and userpic will appear alongside the reposted entry and not the name and userpic of the reposter. The reposter cannot add or change anything in the body of the entry.

  • Security: The reposted entry respects the security of the original entry - if you change a public entry to friends-only or private, the reposted entry will disappear from the reposter's journal. If a friends-only entry is reposted, only those who could see it on your journal will be able to see it on the journal of the reposter.

Adding a new-style repost button to your entry

You can add a new-style repost button in either the HTML editor or the Rich Text Editor. In the HTML editor add the following code
<lj-like buttons="repost" />

into your entry where you want the button to appear. If you use the Rich Text Editor to compose your entries, you can add the repost button by clicking on the LJ-Like button in the toolbar and selecting "Repost" from the list of available buttons.

Original-style reposting

When you add an original-style repost button to your entry it appears as a plain button in your entry with words of your choice on the button. If one of your readers clicks the button they will be taken to the Post an Entry with the text of your entry pre-filled into the entry form.

This button is only intended for public entries. If your entry is set to friends-only and you add this repost button, the entry can be reposted publicly by others, although the original post will remain friends-only.

Features of original-style reposting

  • Multiple conversations: Each reposted entry is its own conversation. The reposter controls who can see the entry, who can comment, and whether or not anything gets added to or edited in the entry. You, the original author, won't be notified of any comments to the reposted entry.
  • Partial repost: This button allows you to control how much of your entry is included with the repost. However, the reposter can always manually copy the rest of your entry into their new entry.

Adding an original-style repost button to your entry

You can add an original-style repost button by typing the following codes into your entry while using the HTML editor. Using the following codes in the Rich Text Editor will result in the codes themselves, and not the repost button, appearing in your entry.

  • To add a simple repost tag, insert the following tag at the end of your post: <lj-repost>

  • To modify the text of the share button, use the following tag: <lj-repost button="Modify your button text"></lj-repost>

  • To enable reposting of an excerpt of your entry, insert the following tags: <lj-repost>Here is an excerpt from my entry.</lj-repost>

  • To modify the text of the repost button and enable users to repost an excerpt of your entry, insert the following tags: <lj-repost button="Modify your button text">Here is an excerpt from my entry.</lj-repost>

Last Updated: August 11th, 2016

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