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Frequently Asked Question #303. What is the Ratings feature?

LiveJournal has two popularity-based features:

Popular entries

The Popular Entries module on LiveJournal's homepage highlights recent entries which are popular with other LiveJournal users. The 25 most popular community entries can be seen on the homepage. To view up to the top 2000 entries, you can visit the Popular Entries ratings page.
On the ratings page, there are two different options for sorting popular entries:
  • By visitors: This will rank the entries based on the number of unique people who have viewed an entry. This is the default sorting option.
  • By page views: This will rank the entries based on the total number of times the entry has been viewed by anyone. This sorting option can include multiple page views from the same person.

Popular communities

The Popular Communities module on LiveJournal’s homepage shows the 10 communities which are most popular among LiveJournal users. You can sort them either by their social capital of the community or by social capital in the last 24 hours (based on social capital of visitors authorized in LiveJournal).

To view up to the top 2000 communities, you can visit the Popular Communities ratings page. There you can sort the most popular communities view by several different factors:

Ratings Visibility for an Individual Entry

Even if you have activated the Ratings feature for your journal or community, you can still prevent an individual entry from being including in the Ratings feature. This is done by activating the 'Do not display entry in the ratings' checkbox on the Update Journal page.

This checkbox does not appear on the Update Journal page if you have not enabled the Ratings feature for your account. Also, this checkbox is automatically selected and cannot be turned off if you are posting a Private entry, since the Ratings feature cannot display Private entries.

Last Updated: April 4th, 2013

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