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Frequently Asked Question #296. How do I print my journal entries?

You can print your journal entries individually using your own printer, or you can purchase a professionally printed book containing your journal entries from Blurb, a LiveJournal partner company.

Using your Printer

You can print individual entries by navigating through your Calendar view to the entries you want to print. For instructions on how to print web pages, you will need to consult the documentation for your web browser.

When printing entries, you may wish to use the "Lynx" site scheme. This scheme is simple and contains few images, so it will take less time and printer resources. If the journal you're archiving has customized comment pages enabled, you will need to manually append ?format=light (or &format=light, if there is already a question mark in the URL) to view comment pages in a plain format.

Purchasing a Book from Blurb

LiveJournal has partnered with Blurb, a company that allows individuals to design their own books and have them professionally printed. Blurb's BookSmart software can download your journal entries through its Blog Slurper feature. You can then design the layout of the book, select which entries you want printed in the book, and more, before you upload your design to Blurb for printing. Prices of Blurb books vary based on how many copies you order, how many pages the book contains, the type of cover and shape of the book, and other factors.

To get started, visit Blurb's website and download the BookSmart software. Please note that Blurb handles any technical support or customer service that LiveJournal users may need during the book creation, purchase, and shipping processes. LiveJournal Support does not provide any support or help related to Blurb or the BookSmart software.

Last Updated: December 1st, 2015

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