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Frequently Asked Question #267. How does LiveJournal decide which ads to show me? What information do you share with advertisers?

LiveJournal uses user-provided information to select the ads that appear for Plus Account users and most visitors to Plus Account journals. In particular, ads are displayed based on the user's gender, age, location, interests, or a small portion of public page contents. Ads are targeted according to information about the author, the viewer, and general demographics about LiveJournal as a whole.

LiveJournal adheres to its Privacy Policy at all times. Your email address, any personally identifying information, and protected entries are never shared with advertisers or partners. LiveJournal and its advertising partners may use browser cookies to improve the precision of ad selections for users. LiveJournal does not store personally identifiable information in its cookies, nor do we allow our partners to do so.

Last Updated: October 22nd, 2014

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