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Frequently Asked Question #263. What are the Plus Account benefits? How do I switch to or from a Plus Account?

Plus Accounts provide access to LiveJournal's extra features for free, subsidized by advertising appearing on the LiveJournal system pages and the account holder's journal. If you have an Early Adopter or Basic Account, you can upgrade to a Plus Account now.

After trying the Plus Account, you may want to upgrade to a Paid Account for access to additional features and higher limits. If you switch back to your earlier account level, your access to Plus features will change.
All Plus accounts can access these features: The following features only apply to personal Plus Accounts, and cannot be accessed using a community with a Plus Account: Users with Early Adopter or Basic Accounts can join or leave the Plus level at any time, and Plus Accounts may switch to Basic. To change your community's account level, use the Account link on the Manage Communities page. Paid and Permanent accounts and communities cannot switch to the Plus level.

Last Updated: July 16th, 2012

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