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Frequently Asked Question #253. How do I post pictures from my cell phone to my journal?

This FAQ applies only to Paid, Plus, and Permanent accounts. To check your account type, please see your profile page.
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Paid, Permanent, and Plus Account users can post pictures to ScrapBook from cell phones. First, you need to set up your ScrapBook account as well as your mobile posting settings.
Before sending a message, you need to use the Mobile Post Settings page to add the email address of your cell phone to your Allowed Sender Addresses list and to specify the default settings for pictures uploaded by email.

Creating a Message

This procedure varies with different cell phones. On many phones you can view the desired image and then choose to send it from the options or properties menu, or to compose a multimedia message (sometimes called MMS). After you've found a working method, send your message to the post.livejournal.com mobile posting email address. You may find it easier to save your address with PIN in your phone's address book, so you don't have to retype it.

Optional Features

Once LiveJournal receives your picture email, the picture is stored in your ScrapBook, and a post is created with the default layout.

Last Updated: March 6th, 2008

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