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Frequently Asked Question #237. How is my next automatic payment amount calculated? Why are some payments prorated?

Having existing paid time on your account or receiving a gift of paid time will prorate your future payments. Changing your billing cycle or modifying your add-ons will also change the amount of your automatic payments. You can view the date and amount of your next payment at the Account Status page.
Your automatic payment cycle begins on the day that you set up automatic payments. If you have paid time remaining on your account, your initial payment (if applicable) will be prorated. If your paid time remaining exceeds the length of the billing cycle increment, you won't be billed until you're "caught up".

For example, if you have three months paid account time remaining and you select a 12 month automatic billing cycle, your bill will be prorated to charge you for nine months of account time. Alternately, if you select the monthly billing cycle, you will not see a charge for the first three months, until you're "caught up", at which time your first payment might be for a prorated amount.

If your payment adds up to less than US $1, we will currently waive the charge, though this policy may change in the future.

Last Updated: July 11th, 2006

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