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Frequently Asked Question #224. How do I update my journal using Nokia Photos?

You can use Nokia Photos (formerly Nokia Lifeblog) to update your journal with your mobile phone or a desktop client. Enter http://www.livejournal.com/interface/atom as the server address and use your LiveJournal username and password. After you set up Nokia Photos with the appropriate information, it will automatically update the list of all journals where you have posting access.
  • Text: All LiveJournal users can use Nokia Photos to post text updates.
  • Images: Paid, Plus, and Permanent users can also use Nokia Photos to post images through ScrapBook, LiveJournal's image hosting service.
  • Videos: Although Nokia Photos supports posting video clips, LiveJournal only supports posting video clips with a text link or direct embedding.

Last Updated: July 8th, 2008

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