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Frequently Asked Question #197. What are LiveJournal's policies regarding commercial activity, spam, and other forms of promotion?

Commercial activity in your journal (such as a link to a donation button, a request for donations in an entry, a link to an off-site "store", or the occasional mention of services available such as an artist making reference to commissions) is acceptable. You cannot include anything in your journal or userinfo that is designed to profit you based on how many people click a link or view a banner. In particular, "click-through" promotions, banner ads, and linkfarming are prohibited.

Accounts created solely for commercial activity are permissible, as long as all such activity is contained to the journal itself. Such accounts cannot include click-through links, banner advertisements, or be used to manipulate search engine results, and cannot be used to spam.

If you have goods or services to advertise, you may post entries about them in your journal. However, spamming – advertising your goods or services in communities or journals where it is unwanted – is prohibited. If you wish to post about your goods or services to a community journal, you should contact the maintainer first for permission, and limit your posting to a single community.

Likewise, if you wish to promote a community you have created, the proper way to do so is in community_promo. Promoting your community by posting unwanted or unsolicited advertisements in communities or journals is a form of spam, and is not permitted. Community maintainers are prohibited from requiring that their community's members promote for their community.

You may not sell or re-sell access to your LiveJournal – for instance, charging a fee to be added to your Friends list, or charging others to advertise on your journal (such as by using banner ads, text ads, linkfarming, or pay-per-post techniques). Also, you may not sell or re-sell LiveJournal-related services, such as charging for creating a journal layout or userpics.

Some syndicated accounts may include advertising in their source feeds, which will be reproduced on LiveJournal. The restrictions mentioned above on commercial content do not apply to syndicated accounts, as their content is created and solely controlled by a third party. These advertisements, if they exist, will appear no matter what your account level is, as LiveJournal cannot edit the content of syndicated accounts, including to remove advertising.

To advertise on LiveJournal, or to discuss sponsorship opportunities with us, please refer to our ad guidelines and contact our sales department.

If you have any questions regarding these policies or restrictions, please feel free to contact our Abuse Prevention Team for clarification.

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Last Updated: September 10th, 2010

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