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Frequently Asked Question #181. What items can I buy in the LiveJournal Shop?

In the LiveJournal Shop you can purchase LJ Tokens, LiveJournal-branded merchandise, paid accounts (extra userpics and storage space upgrades), custom userheads, account renaming, promotion of your entry, journal or cimmunity and virtual gifts.
  • LJ Tokens: LJ Tokens can be used just like cash, for the full price of an order of any LiveJournal service, and can be given to other people.

  • LiveJournal-branded merchandise: Buy an assortment of merchandise with the LiveJournal logo, currently hats and shirts.

  • Theme for your journal: buy a nice theme for your journl or community. You can buy several different themes or buy out any of them so that no one would be able to buy it for his journal. You can also buy a theme as a gift.

  • Paid Account: Upgrade your own LiveJournal account or buy someone else a paid account
    • Storage Space Upgrades: Buy additional storage space for your paid account (or for another person's paid account) to store more ScrapBook pictures or voiceposts

    • Extra Userpics: Buy additional userpics for your account or for another person's account

  • Custom userheads: you can buy custom userhead for your account or for another person's account.

  • Account renaming: you can rename your account in LiveJournal Shop. Read more about renaming in FAQ.

  • Promo: you have an opportunity to place your link to your journal, community or entry in promo-modules on Livejournal homepage. Learn more in FAQ.

  • Virtual Gifts: Buy a virtual gift for another LiveJournal user.

Last Updated: December 24th, 2012

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