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Description of sponsored accounts

  1. Sponsored account provides users with a majority of Paid account features and a number of additional services. All of the Sponsored account’s features are paid for by the Sponsor.
  2. The user can have no more than one account from each Sponsor.
  3. Sponsored accounts are only available to users with confirmed email address. You can confirm your email address here.
  4. The user selects a Sponsor from the list of companies that have a partnership with LiveJournal at the moment of the Sponsored account’s creation. If a new Sponsor appears on the list and the user wants to switch, he has to wait until his current Sponsored account runs out.
  5. After the user selects a Sponsor and makes a switch to the Sponsored account, he is automatically added to the special sponsored community, where he can communication with the company representatives and other users with the same Sponsored account as well as learn about Sponsor news and announcement of various activities held by the Sponsor at LiveJournal and beyond for the sponsored users. The sponsored community is added to the user’s Friends list and cannot be removed until the duration of the Sponsored account runs out.
  6. The Sponsor’s advertising banner appears on the Profile page of the sponsored user.
  7. After choosing a Sponsored account, the user can select his journal layout only from the options offered by the Sponsor.
  8. Minimal period of sponsorship is 90 days from the moment that the user chooses a Sponsor and switches over to the Sponsored account or from the moment the user extends the period of sponsorship.
  9. The first week after switching to a Sponsored account is a Trial period. The user can freely refuse the sponsorship and switch over to any other type of account or choose a different sponsor. If the user refuses a certain Sponsor during the Trial period, he will have to wait 2 weeks before being able to once again subscribe to this Sponsor’s account.
  10. If after the first week the user did not refuse the sponsorship, the Sponsored account goes into the Trusted period and its duration is extended for 83 days. During this period the user cannot change the type of his account. All of the relevant notifications are sent out in advance.
  11. After the sponsorship period (90 days) runs out, the user can refuse the Sponsored account altogether, choose a different sponsor or extend the sponsorship with the same Sponsor for another 90 days. The user receives a relevant notification a week before the 90-day period runs out and can change the relevant settings at the Manage Account page.
  12. The Sponsor can stop sponsoring any user and any given time. The Sponsor can forbid any user to use his Sponsored account for any period of time, from 1 day to 1 month, as well as indefinitely. Each Sponsor publishes the information about its policy of refusing sponsorship on the sponsor community profile page. Each Sponsor makes such decisions independently. Preliminary notifications on refusal of sponsorship are sent out at the Sponsor’s discretion. Users who received a refusal from one Sponsor, can go for sponsorship to a different one. LiveJournal is in no way responsible for the Sponsors’ decisions.