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Account FeaturesBasic
Your Own Blog/Journal
Personalize Your User Profile
Display Userpics on Posts and Comments615
Join and Create Communities
Access Full Comment and Reply Features
Subscribe to New Posts, Friends, Comments, etc.25200
IM Friends on LiveJournal and other Jabber Networks
Find Others through Profile and Interest Search
Get Free Text Message Notifications3/mo
Store and Manage Your Photos1GB
Receive Text Messages Without Sharing Your Number
Use the Advanced Search Options
Journal FeaturesBasic
Friends Page for Reading Recent Entries
Full Privacy Control
Numerous Pre-made Designs for Your Journal100300
Post Rich Media to Your Journal
Tag and Categorize Your Entries
Manage Comments in Your Journal
Select from Numerous Mood Icons
Post Photos & Text via Your Mobile Device
Add Voice Posts (Audio Posts) to Your Journal5/mo
Create and Post Polls and Surveys
Point Your Personal URL to Your Journal (Domain Forwarding)
Create Custom Mood Themes to Express a Mood
Advanced FeaturesBasic
View XML/RSS/Atom Feeds on Friends Page
Access to Export Tool for Archiving Journal
Post to Journal using Supported Desktop Clients

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** These prices are only available for paid accounts with automatic payments.