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Permanent Account Sale

Now's your chance to get a Paid account for life! In addition to all the regular benefits of Paid accounts, permanent account members also get:

  • The most userpics - the limits will increase from 100 userpics to 150 userpics (not counting the potential for up to 44 loyalty pics)
  • The most storage - going up from 10GB to 15GB
  • the ability to keep your LJ experience advertising-free

You can purchase a Permanent account for yourself or be the best friend ever and get it for someone else.

One-Time Payment on $175
with $25 going to charity if you buy before December 6, 12:00 p.m. PST

Note: Be sure the select the Perm account package on the next page in order to take advantage of the sale.

More about the sale:

Permanent accounts will only be offered until 12/15/08. They're available to both new and existing users.

Other questions:

Q: What if I already have a paid account?
A: You can transfer any remaining paid time and/or userpics to a friend. Just use our Paid Time transfer tool. You can donate your leftover items to one person each (ie: One friend gets Paid Time, another can receive your userpics

Q: How often do you offer Permanent accounts?
A: Good question. This will be our 5th Perm account sale in seven years. It's best to buy it now, and start saving right away.

Q: Could you tell me more about the charity?
A: Because of the global nature of LiveJournal, we have partnered with a global charity clearinghouse that distributes donations equally to a number of different charities. As a general mission, LiveJournal contributes to charities that work throughout the world defending human rights, promoting peace and understanding among all nations, and providing relief and development services where they are most needed.

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