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Greg Torres's Journal

Greg Torres
20 July 1969
Lawn bowling & lovin it!

Happily married and blissfully devoted to my Wife! We're both enslaved by three "fur kids" (cats) and some fish. A NY/Boston boy at heart I'm still enjoying Southern California. With so much to do and see in the Los Angeles area, we're never at a loss for things to do. I miss snow, but the Wife is "allergic" to it, so I'm forced to endure beautiful winter weather. Poor me. ;-)

I would describe myself as fairly easy going and open minded. I enjoy reading, going out to eat, shooting pool, and movies, but regardless of the activity I will find a way to have fun.

My current favorite free time activity is lawn bowling. Luckily, my Wife enjoys watching and photographing it. I'd thought the sport was for "old folks." In reality, it's a game of strategy, eye/hand coordination and precision. My progress is encouraging (I'm taken as a veteran by those who see me bowl for the first time) and by next year I may be ready for the US Open! Unfortunately tournaments are over for the 2010 season. I look forward to their start next year!

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