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Ami Lynne Welch's Journal

Ami Lynne Welch
11 September 1975
Engaged and happily so. Licensed Nail tech soon be licensed hair stylist (Once the money flows then I take my exams) A deaf-Blind-Cranky-funny-Cheeky-cheesy utterly in love woman. Life is finally looking up for me ;) and I'm thanking god every day! And .. secretly I want to be the next famous Nail tech.

About me well let's see. I'm optimistic level headed mischievous lil comedian at times. I'm 34 going on 24 ;) Nail technician / specialist who happens to be deaf and blind. Blind?! (Client) "OH MY GOD *snatches hands back* How do you see my nails?" * laughs* Take it easy I'm not THAT blind just tunnel vision called Usher's Syndrome. Sweet huh? Now we know why I was so clumsy growing up LMAO

And finally back with the love of my life. My bestest best friend. My soul mate. I love you Russ. Now we know why I kept picking all the wrong guys all these years *laughs* Now OFFICIALLY together LOL *grumbles* Things happened. They all happen for a good reason whether we like them or not. God doesn't give us things we can't handle. Just sometimes they will seem overwhelming but we gotta remember to reach back and look up. God is there to guide you through anything. Always remember you're never alone.


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