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Mike Woo's Journal

Mike Woo
31 July 1967
We all need to find our motivation in life, not money but our determined cause.

The roles of leadership are inside all of us. We need to unlock the potential and influence everyone around us to make them better than anyone could ever dream.

I am always learning and making an effort where most people quit. I create wealth and I am willing to share with the people that are around me. I strive to make a better place for everyone.

I was an activist in college. Worked in corporate slavery as a research scientist, clinical pathology and senior account executive.

Today I am a real estate developer and financial coach. I create business systems and divisions of my corporations. I am looking to add partners in everything that I do.

I love the opportunites that are available to us right now. There is no time like our present time to create a better world in money and in the quality of life for everyone. We all make choices to become better or bitter. I choose to do better each day. Come join me and lets partners with each other. I am always looking to help others and I can not do this alone. So I need your help.


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