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Mika Antonia's Journal

Mika Antonia
1 December 1970
Bigboned, myohypertrophic, Nancy Drew-ish femme melts for synapse-zapping cinematography, curious music, evocative words, clever ideas, and stain-removal suggestions. Fantasizes about attending a weekend mansion-party, like Hermione's in Women in Love, with David Bowie, Dorothy Parker, Eddie Izzard, John Waters, Shirley Manson, Oscar Wilde, Anais Nin, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Edmund White, Lorrie Moore, Pat Califia, Vlad Nabokov, Donald Cammell, Margaret Cho, Lady Murasaki, Tori Amos, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Mae West, Jack Terricloth, Glenn Greenwald, and Catullus. Or maybe a week-long cruise. Where someone (other than she) gets murdered. Maybe Catullus ("for his bad verses")?


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