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Connie Carroll's Journal

Connie Carroll
1 June 1955
Interested in almost all forms of needlework. Mainly hands embroidery, by which I mean you don't cheat using a machine! I've been doing this type for over 45 years now which my mother taught me and that was a pain since she was right handed and I'm a south paw.
I do NOT do cross stitch - I'd like to but dyslexia rears it's ugly head
I do knit, but haven't made much outside of afghans, one day I plan to make a sweater!
Am a sewer, mostly prefer to use my hands as I think the sewing machine has nasty little fairies yet waiting for me to put my hands on or in it so only use when I have to.
Doing 2 to 3 different types of smocking, hand not smocking machines!
Of course one of my favorites is crochet started added beads to it a few years back. Made several crochet beaded purses which I gave away before I took pics of most of them -have a few so post when I find them.
Am starting to working with stump work - right now mostly research first. It is really older than most people think.


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