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Christian Dor's Journal

Christian Dor
4 July 1959
Christian lived in France in the late 16th C. Third son of a Baron, he was destined for religious orders but after attending a variety of universities he found the life of a military officer suited him better. In time he rose in rank, gained favor with those in power and became une petit baron in his own right.

James Crouchet is a computer programmer who lives in Buda, Texas with his lovely wife Elizabeth. For fun he studies, teaches and competes in the martial arts of 1500s Europe, especially the swordplay. He is handy with a variety of crafts and likes to build things with his hands. He likes to cook for friends and garden, two hobbies that go well together. He rides, pets and spoils his horse Pep� as often as he can which is never often enough.


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