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Linda Miku's Journal

Linda Miku
2 August 1957
Happiness is like peeing your pants, everyone sees it but only you can feel the warmth.

About YOU: "The body of a newborn baby is as old as the cosmos. The form is new and unique, but the materials are 13.7 billion years old, processed by nuclear fusion in stars, fashioned by electromagnetism. Cold words for amazing processes. And that baby was you. Is you. You’re amazing. Not only alive, but with a mind... Stars must die so that I can live. I stepped out of a supernova -- and so did you."

"Dandelion-flower, you are so very bright! It must be because you are the child of a sunflower, and the grandchild of the sun," said the butterfly. The dandelion was very pleased, and smiled happily.
(from a Japanese first-grade reader Tanpopo ("Dandelion"))


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