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Tracy Semonik's Journal

Tracy Semonik
2 April 1973
I'm a Home Health Case Managing RN, been in the ER for the last 10 years; medsurg, psych and postpartum for 5 years, and some of that was in the Navy. I collect bats and gargoyles, and love cute cartoon representations of Death. I read Fortean times and books of all types, especially the classics. I love music- always listening to it, and I have very particular taste, although I pretty much hate anything that gets radio play and dig British adult alternative- if the lyrics are witty or dirty, I like it even better. I watch too much History channel, and adore Game Of Thrones/ASoIaF, which I stumbled upon when I spent some years with a friend's 10 year old attending Barnes and Noble Harry Potter release parties. I hate the sun (well, in small doses, I guess it's OK), I like poker and the odd football game- if the Steelers are playing, that is. I cook polish-russian-american food- for pierogies, invite me to your superbowl party. I bake crazy cupcakes -salted caramel bacon and pina colada were recent hits with the children I never had. I paint wacky nails (galaxy nails with an accent alien flicking you off? you've got it!) I am a former party girl and the permanent DD- now that the party's over I spend too much time on Reddit and typing up long-winded crap elsewhere on the internet.


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