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Will Kraemer's Journal

Will Kraemer
11 February 1990
unfotinintly Mycid shrimp are extreemly suseptabl to rediation poisoning, the curints between Japan and the west coast are being underplayed and the shrimp populations off of oregon may be destroyed. Other then afecting the food chane hear this well give Gray whales less reason to visit us);
Mysid shrimp are a food sorce of gray whales, Carrie Newell discovered this, people usd to not know thet they fed on them during ther time off the west coast.

read a post sumone wrote a dream they had, in ther grandma's house cleaning it they found a quarter, it wase a hevyer quarter the moste and dated at 1890, they though it could be valuble but wondered y they where in grandma's house cleaning in the first place.
My thought on that dream was that old Quarters have value because nobody makes them the same way anymore, but they do not make people like the elders any more eyther, no insult to the young like me but respect grandma.


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