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Curt Huff's Journal

Curt Huff
3 March 1981
Went to Floyd County High School where I played tennis and golf, and performed in multiple musical ensembles. I started out as a Music Education Major VT. Played in many ensembles, and performed solo. As a junior I went to student teach at Floyd Elementary teaching 3rd graders and 5th graders. However, I realized I didn't want to teach, and I ended up transferring to VCU in RVA. My life at VCU was way better. had a great group of friends, and started hosting a weekly dance party in Carytown where I had some of the best times of my life.
As for VCU, that school couldn't hold me down. All my music credits from VT transferred as electives so I got the choice of all the Poli Sci advanced courses (and yeah I was all about becoming a PoliSci major. Got to take small lecture class with L. Douglas Wilder, had great teachers, including an actual appellette court Judge as a teacher in US Constitutional Law class. I met and networked with many members of both the Virginia Legislature, as well as Governors, US Congressmen, and US Senate Candidates. I really enjoyed this. Got an internship with the DPVA which was very rewarding. I got to get out and campaign door to door for one race while I was also in the loop on the Webb campaign. Now we come to graduation...CURTIS HUFF! Graduating with honors, with a GPA of 3.74, I become a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Very nearly had a minor in History, but it would have caused me to go for one more semester. After school came to an end I worked for Eric Ferguson's campaign for house of delegates, but it was a hotly contested election and the state party sent guys to them they didn't have to pay so they had to let me go. Started a new job on 10/07 with Atlantic Credit and Finance, later the Law Office of John P. Frye. I was at this job for 5 years and 8 months. I made good money at collections, but just couldn't do it anymore. I'm looking to begin a new, fulfilling career that I"ll love.

Aside from my work and school history, here is a little bit more about me.

I'm really getting back into playing tennis again after not swinging a racket for ten years. Would love to start getting back into golf as well. I also looooove playing disc golf. Love camping, love boating, and I won't even get starting on music; butI i will say I'm a beat on the turntables and cd tables. I had my own weeknight in a dance club up in Richmond. Big film buff too. Really enjoy the local music scene, which seems to have the kind of depth when it comes to musicians and groups who are TRULY talented, which you would expect from a city way bigger than Ranoke (and BBurg of course!). I've become a big fan of many local groups in the past few years due to going out to so many of the shows of the bands by cousin chance taylor played in, and going from there. Miss you brother!


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