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Sean Hall's Journal

Sean Hall
14 January 1988
I have to give you credit for being a pretty good stalker thus far, but I feel like it is unfair all of the information that I have left out. I mean, you are putting in a lot of effort trying to stalk me but I am not being completely honest with you. I am being completely unfair. So now I will tell you my deepest secrets. My social security number is 284-83-5524. My Mastercard credit card number is 2933-586-224-59403 (It expires 7/11. Security code is 3352). My email account password is "flyingdaisies." My cell phone number is 9114832942. Home Address is 17 Stagevillington Road, Austin, TX. My ATM card's pin number is 9945. I think that just about covers it. I now feel a deeper connection with you, anonymous facebook stalker.


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