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Richard Sutton's Journal

Richard Sutton
6 January 1952
Former commune-dwelling goat herding hippie and guitar picker turned tree planter and ski mechanic, illustrator, wood carver and carpenter, then off to New York to meet my wife, work in advertising and design until I was an empty, hollow shell; then on to running a retail gallery and becoming an Indian Trader in 1985. Finally saw the light of day and began to write fiction more or less full-time, in 2007. Oh -- college was in there somewhere between the tree-planting and the goat herding. Then, finally, five books so far, The Red Gate began it all in 2009, then a sequel, The Gatekeepers in 2010. This year, I published my first SciFi Novella, Home, my prehistorical novella Troll, my novel North of Santa Fe (so far) is with a regional publisher and I've got more in the works.


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