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Jayme Lynn Blaschke's Journal

Jayme Lynn Blaschke
16 September 1969
I'm a writer. Have been for a long time, and will likely be one for a long time to come. My background is in journalism, and after bumping around the old newsroom for the better part of a decade, I'm now gainfully employed at Texas State University (Go Bobcats!).

I harbor a bitter grudge toward Texas A&M and Robert Gates for dismantling the journalism department there.

Along the way, I've managed to establish myself as a writer of minor note in the science fiction and fantasy genres. I've been writing science fiction and fantasy stories for more than a decade now, and am attracting occasional bemused attention from within the field. I maintain a blog, Gibberish, at http://jlbgibberish.blogspot.com/, which isn't updated nearly as much as it should be, because hey, I'm busy writing. I also contribute, occasionally, to No Fear of the Future (http://nofearofthefuture.blogspot.com/).

I finished my first epic fantasy novel when I was a mere 17 years old, and that work is now safely locked up deep within a Colorado mountain complex (along with the last remaining live cultures of the smallpox virus) for the good of all mankind. I've focused mainly on short fiction since then, producing stories that cover all the speculative sub-genres from high fantasy and urban fantasy to space opera. Said stories have been published in such markets as Interzone and Writers of the Future.

I'm an active member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, vote occasionally for the Nebula Awards, and serve as SFWA's Media Relations Director. From December of 2002 through January 2006 I served as fiction editor of RevolutionSF, where I published such writers as Gene Wolfe, Joe R. Lansdale, Martha Wells, Steven Utley, Lisa Tuttle, Paul di Filippo and Stephen Dedman. A collected volume of my science fiction and comics interviews titled Voices of Vision: Creators of Science Fiction & Fantasy Speak (http://www.amazon.com/dp/0803262396?tag=blaschkehomereal&link_code=as3&creativeASIN=0803262396&creative=373489&camp=211189), is available from the University of Nebraska Press.

Anthologies including work of mine are Fast Ships, Black Sails (http://www.amazon.com/Ships-Black-Sails-Naomi-Novik/dp/1597800945/) and Cross Plains Universe (http://www.amazon.com/Cross-Plains-Universe-Texans-Celebrate/dp/1932265228/). I also continue to provide the odd book review, music review or interview every so often (or not, as the case may be) to the SFSite, The Green Man Review and RevSF. Check them out!

On a personal note, I'm married to Lisa Elliott Blaschke and the father of Monkey Girl, Fairy Girl and Bugaboo. Much of my life revolves around that quartet, which is as it should be.


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