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Ryan Tapert's Journal

Ryan Tapert
20 December 1986
I love God, My amazing Wife, music and my family... oh and I play the drums.

Hi I'm Ryan. I love Jesus and believe he is my Lord and Savior. I get to learn more about him and grow in my relationship with him everyday and it's amazing. More recently I've really learned how to trust him more with my future. The second you can let it all go and just rely on his provision for your life is the moment you start down a better path.

I love music. Rock, Alternative, Indie, Jazz, Fusion, Metal, Hardcore, Pop, Electronica, I love it all, and I'm even learning to love a little country music.... I'm the guy that has a little bit of everything on his ipod. I used to play drums in a few bands, This Providence www.myspace.com/thisprovidence and Sight vs. Sound (now called Mayweather) www.myspace.com/sightvssound. Right now I'm just working as a musician for hire, so if you're needing a drummer, percussionist, or vocalist for an upcoming gig, tour or recording session, hit me up here or email me: yesryanishere@gmail.com
I also can run front of house sound, monitors, lights, tour manage and merch.

I currently attend New Hope Christian College in Eugene, OR and will be here for the next 3 years, its a huge change for me in my life, but i couldn't be more excited for what the future holds in store for me. Im ready to get my life on track and more forward towards a career in music/ministry.

I enjoy a good round of frisbee golf, geocaching, fantasy baseball, Super Smash Bros and slowpitch softball. Other then that you'll just have to befriend me to know more.