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Jessy Lauren Blanchard's Journal

Jessy Lauren Blanchard
3 July 1986
Jessy Blanchard lives life to its fullest. Her existential angst oscillates between abysmal despair and a devil-may-care carpe diem attitude that propels her to both greatness and bad decisions.

Jessy Blanchard never says die, expect when damning her enemies.

Jessy Blanchard drinks every night, because she drinks to her accomplishments.

Jessy Blanchard once met the Most Interesting Man in the World, and they shared a knowing nod.

Jessy Blanchard knows when to take the reigns and when to get the fuck out the way.

Jessy Blanchard has never killed anyone that didn't need killing.

One day, Jessy Blanchard will own you.

Jessy Blanchard tells the most ridiculous stories I've ever heard, but never once have I thought she was lying.

Jessy Blanchard always wins, except when she quits. And when she quits, she wins, too, by virtue of not playing anymore.

Jessy Blanchard. Because you never know what happens next.


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