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Betty Fernau's Journal

Betty Fernau
19 August 1973
Life is good!!

I love geneaology. I've learned that my husband is a direct descendant of the first king of Scotland.

I am descended from the following family names: Armand, Bordelon, Boyette, Decuir, Dent, Dupuy, Dufour, Edgerly, Fowke, Gauthier, Laurent, Laster, Lemoine, Mayeux, McConnell, McIndoo, Offley, Pellerin, Richards, Rabalais, Sarles, Simmons, Tarvin, Thoroughgood, Waite, Williamson, Woodall

I would really love to meet some of the descendants of my ancestors who live in Avoyelles, Point Coupee, and/or Natchitoches, Louisiana.

I also want to learn to speak French and Spanish. French, because of my ancestors. Spanish because of my friends.


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