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Bryan Edwards's Journal

Bryan Edwards
29 May 1984
I am an Anti-cosmic Gnostic Luciferian. Basically, I stand in opposition to giving undue value to the universe around us. It simply exists and I don't see why it should or shouldn't. The only prevailing force I see in existence is that of chaos, so I hold chaos itself as the most important aspect of all things. Order is only a result of chaos, and entropy inevitably leads to complete chaos.

Therefore, I see no intrinsic value in life, because it is meaningless and fleeting. I simply choose to live life the way I desire until I am released from this existence and am allowed to return to nothingness and chaos. Wherever my "soul" goes, if it even goes anywhere after death, does not matter to me. It is beyond my understanding and I do not believe anything I do in this life has any effect on it.

This is not to say I see no value in life, the universe, and everything. I view all of this as an expression of Chaos and therefore respect it, but this existence is not the absolute.

I personally don't take my beliefs into the realms of rampant hedonism and law-breaking, but there are those in my belief system who do. It's a highly individualized way of viewing the world around us, as are all Left Hand Path philosophies, so not everybody will live by the same ethics. Right and wrong are relative to the society in which you live. I personally choose to live by the majority of our American societal laws and standards, but I do take an interest in debating issues which are on the fringe of right and wrong and I am not as firmly opinionated in some things as I might appear.

I AM NOT AN ATHEIST. I remain agnostic, because it is hard for me to ignore the vast amount of similarities between religions and philosophies which developed in completely separate areas of the world. Therefore, I subscribe to the idea of "gnosis." I think there must be some higher knowledge which these religious archetypes all point to, and that discovering that knowledge will bring a new level of understanding and transcendent development to the human race. I use the idea of "Lucifer" to represent this knowledge, as Lucifer means "bringer of light" and is a common deity by different names among a large number of the oldest known religions. I don't believe in the physical existence of Lucifer, but I do believe in the idea that much like the discovery of fire, or the riddle of steel, there is a higher knowledge still to be attained... a Luciferian knowledge/gnosis.

I DO NOT BELIEVE IN SATAN. Lucifer and Satan are not the same concept or entity at all anyway.

I encourage people to ask questions. Never blindly accept what is offered to you by others. Read the books yourself. Do your own research. Come to your own conclusions. I think that organized religion has polluted the great things that spirituality can do to enrich our lives as individuals. Introspection is a very healthy practice and really the only important thing any of us can hope to do with our lives. My goal is to help push as many people be at peace with themselves as possible. This stems from my moral foundation of love and compassion, not from any religious viewpoint. If anything, my "religious" foundation stands somewhat opposed to my morality... but that is the nature of it. It doesn't have to make sense and I embrace that quality of Chaos above all others.

If you want to know more, just ask. The worst I can do is block you.


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