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Yauming Ymc's Journal

Yauming Ymc
24 November 1920
I scuba dive, skis, and listen to Chopin when I'm free.

I like to be in tranquil places like the beach at Sandy Point, gazing at the stars on the top of a sailing ship mast, watching a sunset from my garden in Melbourne, or sitting by my balcony in Singapore listening to the tropical stillness of the night and the songbirds in the morning.

Beautiful things appeal to me. My vintage Noritake porcelain sets, a cherry blossom tree in spring, well made furniture, etc... Gothic stained glass, a beautifully written 19th century letter makes me misty eyed. I like the classical stuff mostly.

I'm easygoing. I try not to sweat the small stuff. Rude, Loud mouth inconsiderate noisy people are big turn offs. I really don't like people who get angry easily or have bad tempers.

And I love scuba diving. I prefer wall diving, deep sea diving, I love the sensation of hovering above the blue abyss - a blue world without end.


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