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Cj Deguara's Journal

Cj Deguara
22 December 1983
Impossible is nothing! When you think of giving up change the way you think.

Inferior to none and superior to no one
I am flesh and bone,
I am heart and soul,
I am mind and thought,
I am Man.
I am free to do as I please.
I shall command the respect of others,
yet will not demand their freedom,
I shall conquer fiercely,
Yet I shall shed the blood of no Innocent.
I shall not fight for the lust of blood,
I shall fight for the lust of life,
I shall protect the ones that stand by me,
I will care for the ones that care for me.
I will give war to the wariors,
I will give love to the lovers,
My loyalty a gift to my friends,
my soul to the God almighty.
I will follow as I will lead,
I will shun betrayal,
yet I will harbour no hatred,
I will serve my servants in the name of the lord almighty.

Deguara CJ
it is about faith, thyself


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