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Kevin Gates's Journal

Kevin Gates
22 September 1964
The initial profile information is full of lies. I live in Scottsdale, that is true, but a hometown? Well, that would really be CaliMaryGermaCaliGeorgia Town as I was an Army Brat and moved a good deal. Stone Mountain was the longest stint, so I chose that. But do you really give a rat's behind? Didn't think so! As for languages, well duh! Who doesn't speak Aramaic these days? Do they really need to ask? My Macedonian is a bit rusty, so it is a stretch including it, but I figured what the heck. The Southern Uzbek came in really handy when....hmmm..on second thought, never mind.

So now home is Mesa, Arizona where I am living the American dream. 3 kids, a dog and an ex-wife.

After 40 years of trying to be a legitimate musician I have finally given up. I fully enjoy writing and recording music in my modest home studio. I have more fun recording other people. I am getting better at audio engineering and have found it to be a great hobby. Those who hear my work usually recommend I take up pottery.

I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up, though I am really leaning towards being a brain surgeon.

I am still into computers, I earn my paycheck by working with clients on a bizarre platform hardly anyone has heard about. Linux and mainframes. Not exactly peanut butter and chocolate to most folks. I have fun with it and it pays the bills and alimony. I have both Windows and Mac boxes at home and I like them both. Its kind of like chocolate and caramel. Why choose just one when you can enjoy both?

I've got two great kids and one that is not so great. I'll let you decide who that is. ;) Actually, all three of them are terrific and they are a complete source of happiness and near bankruptcy. I love them with all of my heart.

That's it for now. Don't beg for more, it doesn't become you!


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