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Jenna Kass's Journal

Jenna Kass
10 January 1990
"I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream." Vincent van Gogh

I am:
An optimist. An artist. A fan of tea. Competitive. A writer, sorta. Grateful for my friends. Eternally inspired by Patricia McKillip. A devoted fangirl for the Ninth Doctor. Sarcastic. A lover of books. Intending to travel the world some day. Friends with some of the most amazing people ever. Loving college. A three-time donater of 12"+ of hair to Locks of Love/Wigs For Kids. Into Rocky Horror. A five-time volunteer for various Reed Expo events, including NYCC, NY Anime Fest, and C2E2. An SVA Orientation Leader. A bit of a rabid, frothing Doctor Who fangirl. A junior at SVA. Loving life.
books, doctor who, drawing, growing as an artist, illustration, painting


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