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Sarah Cushaway's Journal

Sarah Cushaway
5 August 1980
Bassist for Flesh of the Earth, a horror metal band based in Traverse City MI. I'm a pretty awful bassist. Some people would call that having a unique style but the truth is I just don't know how to play all that well so I make it up as I go.

I dabble in hobby art and like to write when I have time, which is almost never.

Wish I could live away from town by a river or a lake somewhere, in the woods.

Like some pretty odd music - neo folk, death n' roll, black n' roll, doom metal, bluegrass, industrial metal stuff, martial industrial, 90's alternative rock/grunge/whatever, and a big fan of artists like Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Captain Beefheart, John Entwistle, etc.



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