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Jose R. Perez's Journal

Jose R. Perez
14 February 1982
I was born on the island of Puerto Rico but have spent most of my life living in the states. I speak Spanish and English fluently to a degree : P I am an artist and science/technology guru. I love science, technology, space more than the arts but I’m actually better at the latter. I also love food...a lot! Sushi, Steaks, Lobster, Ice Cream, I’m all about it. It’s a curse really, I’m not one of those naturally skinny mutants..I have to work for my fitness. Sometimes it’s enjoyable but a lot of times its more like torture :/.. I’m also a huge MMA fan and know more about UFC/PRIDE fighters than most people. I’m also creative, that’s what I’m paid to do. I used to own a business with a couple partners (you can read more about that below) where I would design, create, and develop websites. I have worked on websites for a wide variety of clientele including famous actors, singers, bands, comedians, and corporations. I originally went to school for Computer Engineering and got quite far but decided that my skills would be better put to use somewhere else which lead to the creation of Trusun Media Inc. the company I spoke of earlier. At heart I’m a romantic and I hope to find the one girl that can make me whole someday. I believe in God the father almighty but quite often still wonder about the mysteries of our human existence. Anyways I don't feel like writing a book, so if you insist in knowing more about me just ask :P


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