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Josiah Cadicamo's Journal

Josiah Cadicamo
18 November 1992
Sports, Arts, Entertainment, and other random parts of my life.

Sports: I've been in most of them. Arts: I play the guitar, i'm an aspiring writer, and i draw a little. Entertainment: Music, Movies, and Books, i'm a fan of all of them.

Other Random Parts of My Life: I live in the stix, the nearest mall is about 3 hours away. I've moved about 18 times in my 17 years of life. I'm a junior in high school. I've worked as a bike mechanic, ranch hand, cook, and some other things i'm forgetting right now. I'm a bibliophile (Book collector) a minor gamer as well.

I love people. I laugh about 5 times as much most people: This is either because i have an incredible sense of humor, or i'm just easily entertained, or both.

I act like i'm way funnier then i actually am. I know this. Does this knowledge help? Not really. I apologize.

This is the part where i wish i could say that Christ is undeniably at the center of all of this.
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