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Ilea Ulery's Journal

Ilea Ulery
24 May 1982
*★*I am a 28 year old college student working for my Radio Programming and Production degree in Communications Media, and I absolutely love it! I am on my college radio station, which is a blast! As soon as I graduate with my degree I will be moving to Denver to begin an internship at 106.7 KBPI and I am stoked! I have been a listener for at least 15 years, so it's a natural fit for me!*★*
*★*I have always been "one of the guys". I have 9 tattoos and counting; and I have piercings too. I like to think I'm a sweetheart, and a good person, and I try my best to be a great friend and companion to the people I love. My sense of humor is a bit cynical, and definitely sarcastic, and I love to laugh and have fun.*★*
*★*I was born in Alaska, and have moved around the United States most of my life. I have spent the most time in Colorado-which is ironic considering that I don't like it much, and that I would rather be in Boise Idaho, where I have my best memories. I especially don't like Denver, but it looks like I'll end up there eventually!*★*


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