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Ann S Koi's Journal

Ann S Koi
5 April 1974
I make things. This is a place where I post things I make.

Follow web links below to see if you have a potential moral or personal issue with the artwork I post here before adding me.

I don't use this page to meet people or make friends; I use it to post artwork and talk about shows/events/collaborations etc. If you add me expecting me to discuss things other than my work and projects, you are going to end up very disappointed.

If you do not send a message with your friends request and we have no "friends in common", I will assume you are a spam bot. Hell, I may assume you are a spam bot or troll even if we have friends in common. Like I said, I am not a "friend collector". This page has a purpose; if you are disinterested in that purpose, do not add it. Thank you.

Catalyst Studios has a facebook fanpage - feel free to LIKE it for updates (will include updates about sales, shows, and work by all current members; NO I am NOT currently hiring, sorry, thank you)

All original content uploaded/posted by this personage is copyright Catalyst Studios 2010 and may not be additionally claimed, forwarded, copyrighted, etc in whole or in part by any other party. This includes Facebook and its staff.

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning art work, it is honestly better to write directly to ann at moritorium dot com. FB is not very reliable. Thank you.


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