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Mel Brennan's Journal

Mel Brennan
13 August 1970
Jihi no kokoro.

Mel Brennan is formerly a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Kinesiology at Towson University (MD, USA) and is currently District Executive Center Director for Baltimore City, Y of Central Maryland. A graduate of McDaniel College, Mel's doctoral work took place at the University of Stirling (SCOTLAND, UK), with a focus on human kinetics, human rights and Olympiads. He is co-author, with Prof. Grant Jarvie and Dr. Tony Hwang, of SPORT, REVOLUTION AND THE BEIJING OLYMPICS, from Berg (2007). He is also author of THE APPRENTICE: TRAGICOMIC TIMES AMONG THE MEN RUNNING - AND RUINING - WORLD FOOTBALL. He has been interviewed by both the German and British television concerning global sport governance and corruption, and has written several articles addressing the role of sport and spirit in democratic societies and the struggle between the contrived, juristic person and the flesh-and-blood person. Prior to this academic work, Mel worked in the highest levels of sport and location-based entertainment, with organizations such as FIFA, CONCACAF, the Walt Disney Company, WWE, SEGA/DreamWorks SKG/Universal Studios and several others. A lifelong martial artist and student of philosophies of the body, mind and spirit, he has been a practitioner of goju-ryu and a proponent of togakure-ryu ninpo since 1972. He lives with his wife, Laurel, and his two children, Jain and Mel.


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