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Suggest a New Year's Resolution for me. (Just angling for suggestions; I may not resolve any of them, or I may resolve something else.)

marnanel — Get proficient enough to crochet a blanket by March and a jumper by December.
dyddgu — not to be too hard on yourself
queenmomcat — As per your own resolution, research the Local Yarn Shops around where you live.
malver — Can't think of anything actually... write regularly, comes to mind.
ex_earthsist869 — Write more poetry. :)
tinhuviel — You should resolve to make a resolution some time during 2006.
emperor — visit Cambridge and see your Cambridge(at least)-based LJ fiends :)
anthologie — To not make new year's resolutions. :)
hflf — be more understanding of yourself
chess — Find a church.
naltrexone — Depends on the size of the screen. My personal New Year's Resolution is 1680x1050.