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You can make a round trip in a time machine. There are only a few choices to select from, and you can only make a single trip. The duration of each trip can only last 2 hours at the longest, or 5 minutes at the shortest. What time travelling destination do you pick?

Within 5' of yourself when you were 10 years of age. No temporal paradoxes will occur, and no hard shall come to your present day when you return. You can tell your younger self anything
Liverpool. The very first gig the Beatles played, before they were discovered
Within 100' of the Colossus of Rhodes, when it still stood
Jurassic era. Atop a hill with a good vantage point
November 12, 2112. The very spot you're in now. You can see how futuristic the world is then
Bell tower within sight of Adolph Hitler during one of his speeches. There's a sniper rifle already in the tower
In the audience when Lincoln gave the Gettysberg Address
Party during the roaring 20s
At a party of the Marquis de Sade. One of his private, after-hours parties
Ancient Egypt. Old kingdom. A year after the Great Pyramid was completed. It was supposed to be covered in gold or something
Woodstock. August 17, 1969. Close to the stage
November 12, 2032. The very spot you're in now. You could maybe see what's successful then and maybe prepare yourself when you return
Within 50' of Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount. If you go nowhere, it proves that there was no such person, and you have finally know for sure
Aboard the Titanic on its maiden voyage, one day before the iceberg disaster
October 28, 1943. Within visual distance of the Philadelphia Experiment. You can if it really happened, and if it did, what exactly it was